My approach

I welcome diversity, and believe in the richness of each person bringing themselves and their uniqueness to the therapy, without expectation on my part.

I have an integrative approach, meaning that I have been been trained in various approaches to talking therapy. I use particular aspects of my experience and skills, depending on your particular therapeutic needs. 


My approach is largely Humanistic, which means that I believe self understanding and growth comes about best in relationship, a relationship that can be provided by a therapist.  In providing a warm, non-judgemental and empathic relationship, I believe we can restore your life to a more fluid path. I trust in your innate knowlege of yourself (even though this may feel obscured by life's complexities at this moment in time), and believe that through a deeper understanding comes illumination and change.


This can be a challenging and at times scary process, which takes courage, commitment, and the self compassion to accept difficult feelings as we navigate our way together. 

Another influencing factor in my work is the Psychodynamic approach.  At times it may be important to link past events to present difficulties, to explore the legacy of unconscious influences in our lives, and to attempt to explore them consciously.  This can help us understand our actions and interactions, and to see them for what they are, whether they are postivie or inhibiting, rewarding or alienating, and to positively choose those that are helpful, or alter those that are unhelpful.


Using fresh eyes, ears, and understanding of the message feelings bring, can empower you to live life with more clarity and choice.